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The Ashton Cemetery was incorporated and licensed as a cemetery in 1902, although burials had been taking place at the site as early as 1851. Through the years, the original church and other accessory buildings were sold or removed, but the cemetery remained in service and expanded through gifts of land from local citizens. In 1915, the Soldiers and Sailors monument was donated to the cemetery by Mills & Petrie. The monument, dedicated on June 1, 1916, remains standing to honor those who served and sacrificed into the present day.

By 1950, the cemetery reached a point that they could no longer acquire the land needed to grow, and the Village of Ashton was assigned all the property and rights. This acquisition allowed for further expansion into sections D & E, which were plotted in 1952. Today, the cemetery continues to be a peaceful and beautiful resting place for those that called Ashton “home.”

Please contact the Ashton Village Office for more information about the Ashton Cemetery.

The Ashton Cemetery Staff removes faded and damaged decorations and foliage year round. Seasonal decorations are removed:

  • Winter – Removed by April 1
  • Summer – Removed by October 1

Please refer the Ashton Cemetery Rules and Regulations for more information about gravesite decorations.

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